Tips To Use Mobile Banking Safely

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Tips To Use Mobile Banking Safely

When we talk about mobile banking in front of the older generation, they tend to get all itchy and disapproving. The main reason behind this is mobile banking fraud.

Many of you or your friends would’ve been a victim of mobile banking frauds. Traditional banks such as columbia bank marlboro are trying to alert all its customers of such activities.

You must be smart as well as responsible when using technology. Take a look at all these tips to ensure that you can conduct mobile banking without having to worry about fraud.

Safe Mobile Banking Tips

  • You must download only your bank’s official applications for availing mobile banking. Refrain from downloading any third-party banking apps on your phone. These apps may ask you for sensitive information such as passwords, MPIN, and OTPs.
  • You should not click on ‘remember password’ when the app prompts the save-password notification. Additionally, you should not enter your banking pin or ATM pin elsewhere on such apps.
  • You can identify a fake banking app by looking at its reviews on the App Store or Google Play Store. Several users must verify the app. If you cannot find the authentic banking app in the store, then visit your bank’s website for the same.
  • Do not respond to any messages related to your banks if they are coming from unknown sources.
  • Before you buy a new phone, don’t forget to erase the banking apps. Don’t forget to remove any text or message that has sensitive information related to your bank.
  • Be smart, and protect your phone with complex and strong alphanumeric, case-sensitive passwords.
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The banking system is under constant evolution. You need to catch up with the pace, and at the same time, make sure that your funds are safe. Follow these simple mobile banking tips to avoid malicious activities.